Without The Right Guidance, Learning Electronics Can Seem Daunting Electronics Made Easy Is Written With The Complete Beginner In Mind Learn Beginner and Intermediate Electronics Design and Principles

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Electronics is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and also an increasingly popular and useful hobby. Electrical and Electronic theory, design and practical skills can be applied in many different career paths, including computing, engineering, construction, entertainment and manufacturing.

Martin Denny is a degree-educated former Electronics Engineer, with over thirty years' experience in Electronic Design working in the UK Power Industry. He has also written Electronics revision guides aimed at GCSE/high school level. Our electronics guide has been written to help complete novices learn the skills of Electronics, and to make learning those skills as easy and as fun as possible, whether you are a simple hobbyist or an aspiring Electronics Engineer.

Even for those who are familiar with electronics, the design sections and example circuits are a very valuable resource. The complete design process, from planning through to developing and documenting your designs, is explained in detail.

In addition, each example includes not only a circuit diagram and a list of components as in many other guides, but also a detailed explanation of what each part of the circuit does, why certain components have been chosen and the overall design concept of the device.

Our electronics guide is divided into twelve chapters, covering everything from preparation and safe workshop practice to logic and design techniques. Everything you need to know is illustrated and fully explained to maximise your learning and enjoyment, with practical examples to test your new knowledge.

Key Features of Electonics Made Easy:

  • Ideal for complete beginners, students and hobbyist alike
  • Introduces you to all the key aspects of electronics at a manageable pace
  • Detailed diagrams to support all of the lessons
  • Practical examples you can make yourself throughout the book
  • Written by an Electronics Engineer with thirty years' experience in electronic design
  • Covers all the tools you need to get started, good workshop practices and safety procedure
  • More than 20 projects to challenge your new knowledge, ranging from beginner to advanced level

Contents of this guide: